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Any reference to The Company refers to Probe Investigations (UK) Ltd and its trading style of PDQ Process.

Any other party is referred to as ‘The Client’ which is defined as the party that instructs the company whether it is on behalf of another party or not.

1) Introduction

a) These terms of business set out the basis on which The Company shall conduct all matters undertaken for The Client and shall be read in accordance with any covering letter. Any differences arising in respect of individual matters shall be notified to you in writing which may be electronically.

2) Parties to this Contract

a) Notwithstanding that the instructing party may itself be instructed by another party, this contract shall be between the Company and The Client.

b) The Company’s duties are owed only to the Client whose instructions we are acting upon and The Company disclaims any liability to any other person.

c) The terms on which The Company acts  for the Client (contained herein or otherwise) are intended to be enforceable solely by the Client and the Company

d) The Client shall be solely responsible for the payment of fees incurred as a consequence of instructing The Company.

3) Costs

a) The cost of The Company’s services shall be indicative of the type of work undertaken and it is normal procedure for The Company to provide a quotation in each instance. If there are any changes in the Client’s instructions or the circumstances surrounding the task involved at any time these shall be reflected, as The Company deems fit, in an amended quotation which shall be provided to The Client  at the earliest opportunity. In the event that The Company is unable to provide a quotation, the Company shall keep the Client informed of the work in progress on a periodic basis or upon request. Amended quotations may occasionally be provided by telephone and a note made on The Company’s file accordingly.

b) Any client that instructs the company to carry out work that is publicly funded must advise the company at the outset in order that invoices can be prepared in the appropriate detailed manner.

c) The company may make charges for sundries incurred in unusual cases. This may include, but is not restricted to, excess postage, packing and printing charges in the course of handling bulky files that exceed 15 pages or are presented in non standard containers or exceed A4 page sizes. The company will advise of any extra charges as they arise.

4) Payment on Account

a) From time to time The Company may ask you pay monies generally on account for initial costs and disbursements and settlement of third parties’ fees. Any request for any such monies shall not be an estimate or cap on any fee or costs and unless payment was made for a specified purpose, may be used to meet The Company’s fees when invoiced to the Client.

5) Invoicing

a) The Company will usually bill at the conclusion of a matter however The Company reserves the right to render interim invoices to its clients during the course of the matter.

b) Clients that choose to issue to deal with The Company in accordance with a bulk instruction agreement will be advised at the outset of that agreement, a monthly credit limit. Should that limit be reached before one month has lapsed, The Company shall advise The Client and request payment of the account prior to undertaking any further instructions or completing any instructions that are pending.

c) If in the event The Client has any particular billing requirements they should advise The Company prior to work commencing.

d) Value Added Tax at the standard United Kingdom rate will be added to all invoices in respect of fees charged by The Company including, where appropriate, the expenses of preparing and having sworn affidavits. Travel Expenses and Conduct Money shall be treated as disbursements and not subject to Value Added Tax.

e) The Company’s invoices are payable within 30 days from the date of invoice and we reserve the right to charge interest and other charges under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

6) Complaints

a) The Company hopes that you will have no reason to complain about the services it provides. However in the event that clients are not satisfied please direct any complaint to The Company in the first instance. All complaints made to The Company will be handled in an efficient manner by an Officer of the company of Director level who we will strive to solve them quickly. In the event that a client remains dissatisfied then that client is at liberty to resort to the Disciplinary procedures available by virtue of our Director’s membership of the Association of British Investigators. The Association requires adherence to a strict Code of Conduct which may be viewed at

7) Liability

a) The services The Company provides the client, which shall include any information or advice given to its clients, is based solely on the information you have provided to the Company and does not constitute advice to any third party to whom The Client subsequently communicates it.

8) Liability for  Third Party Services

a) The Company does not accept any liability for services or information provided by any third parties instructed by the Company on behalf of its clients in respect of their matters.

9) Confidentiality

a) The Company shall treat as confidential all information concerning its clients business affairs received as a result of any instructions and not to disclose the information to any third party save to those persons whom The Company deems necessary to inform unless such information is required to be disclosed in any jurisdiction by any law.

10) Communication

a) The Company shall communicate with such of clients’ officers, staff and other advisers as appears to The Company to be appropriate. If however The Client has any specific security requirements relating to the communication of information to The client or the clients staff, colleagues or associates then the client should advise The Company accordingly.

11) Termination

a) The Client may terminate instructions to The Company on any matter at any time by providing The Company with written notification.

b) The Company may also terminate any agreement where it appears to us that there has been a breach of faith by the instructing party.

c) Notwithstanding any termination by either party t this agreement, the client will be liable to pay any outstanding fees and costs incurred up to the date of termination or the fixed fee agreed.

12) Documentation

a) If at the conclusion of each matter the Client wishes The Company to return or forward to The Client or others or deposit in safe custody any documentation that  The Company has acquired from The Client or on behalf of The Client  in respect of such matter, please provide written instructions of the same.

b) In the event that The Company receives no instructions it shall retain such documentation in its files for a period at its discretion not exceeding 12 months. Any subject access requests received will be dealt with by The Client or under the Client’s instructions and within the provisions of the governing Data Protection regulations.

13) Variation of Terms

a) The Company reserves the right to amend or supplement any terms herein contained generally or specific to any matter by providing notice in writing.

14) Governing Law

a) These terms of business are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and The Client agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts therein.

15) Data Protection

a) For the avoidance of doubt the instructions are accepted on the basis that The Company’s services are conducted under the direction of the client and as such we are deemed the Data Processor and the client, and/or the principal is deemed Data Controller. The handling of personal data will be in accordance with The Client’s instructions and direction and in accordance with the model Data Protection Policy published by The Association of British Investigators